Avast Secure review

Avast Secure review

Avast Secure doesn’t make our pick of the best web browsers , but it is a reasonably fast and easy to use browser that includes Avast’s free antivirus program. We assumed this meant the antivirus programs is integrated into the browser itself to make it more secure. However, we discovered that while Avast Secure is very good at blocking phishing schemes on its own – it blocked 83 percent of our test samples – we needed to download the antivirus program separately to stop malicious downloads, including ransomware and Trojans. You can download the antivirus program by following the link provided in the Avast Secure browser.

Avast Secure has a straightforward installation process. It looks and feels similar to Google Chrome, though it is a slightly large program file. This web browser has many of the tools others include such as a password manager, an integrated search engine and tabbed browsing. You can also browse using a private window and set Avast Secure to automatically clear your cookies and browser history.

One of Avast’s drawbacks is it’s only compatible with computers running Windows. We verified this by attempting to download it on an iPhone and an Android cell phone as well as a Mac computer. If you have a smartphone or Mac, we recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox . Because Avast is only compatible with Windows computers, it doesn’t sync browser settings, so you can’t access bookmarks and other saved information on other devices. Avast also doesn’t include parental controls.

Because this browser is made by Avast, you have access to the same customer service options as its antivirus program users. This includes telephone and email support, along with a good-size community that interacts through online forums.

Overall, Avast Secure is a good, dependable and easy-to-use web browser. It’s missing a few features found in other browsers, such as parental controls and syncing, and it is only compatible with Windows PCs. It comes with a link to Avast’s free antivirus program that helps stop malicious threats from downloading to your computer.

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