Danby DWM060WDB portable washer review

Danby DWM060WDB portable washer review

The Danby DWM060WDB stood out for portability when we reviewed the best portable washers . This machine only weighs 66 pounds. The washer comes with wheels that makes it simple to move around. Some machines don’t come with wheels, so it adds to the convenience. What is even more impressive is that it had more capacity than some of the heavier machines. So you are able to fit in a fairly large load but you won’t strain your back rolling the machine over to the faucet in preparation.

Danby DWM060WDB: What you need to know

A traditional washing machine is about 27 inches wide. The Danby DWM060WDB is a little over 21 inches wide. That will make it pretty easy to stow in a closet or corner when you are not running a load.

This one is in the middle of the pack for capacity and for energy efficiency. It will cost you about $16 per year to run it. The one way it is noticeably deficient in terms of efficiency is spin speed, which is only 142 rotations per minute. Others go much faster, which means your clothing will need less time in the dryer.

This machine lacks a few extras, including dispensers for detergent and fabric softener. The selection of different cycle types is very impressive, though. You can run normal, heavy, quick and delicate loads, among others. There are just the three water temperature choices: hot, warm and cold. There were machines that offer more. This is one of the less expensive machines, so missing a little variety in features is not surprising. There was only one machine that costs less among those we compared this round and it had smaller capacity.

Should you buy the Danby DWM060WDB? 

The Danby DWM060WDB falls short on spin speeds. You can expect your clothes to come out more damp and take longer to dry. But this unit has lots of great features to offer, too. It is incredibly lightweight and compact so it can be stored in the tiniest of closets when not in use. It comes with included wheels and is lightweight so it will be the easiest one to transport from water source to storage. Also, it offers a respectable capacity at 1.8 cubic feet, which is more than some heavier machines.