GetFLV video downloader review

GetFLV video downloader review

Despite its name, GetFLV does far more than download FLV files – it is a fully functional video downloader software . This program finds, downloads, converts and optimizes online content from virtually any service that hosts videos.

The program’s integrated browser allows you to navigate to any video site, find a video you want and download it. And overall, it does a very good job. The manufacturer claims you can download 90 percent or more of all web videos. In our tests, GetFLV never failed to download a video.

GetFLV video downloader: Features

Most popular online video sites, such as YouTube, store multiple versions of the same video that differ in their resolutions. That ways, the sites can serve lower resolution videos to people with slow internet connections. GetFLV detects when a service has more than one version of a video and allows you to pick which one you want to download.

While all the products we reviewed download videos, not all of them can convert your downloads into different video formats. Even fewer can optimize them for the device in your pocket. GetFLV not only allows you to convert your downloads into all the popular file formats, including MOV, MP4 and AVI, but also tailor them for optimal playback on over 100 devices, including smartphones, tablets and gaming systems. If you have a device from a major manufacturer, GetFLV probably has a profile for it.

This program may seem intimidating when you first launch it. However, the learning curve isn’t too steep. Using its downloading and converting features is as easy as browsing the internet. Other features, such as the FLV maker, FLV fixer and video capture, require a few minutes and some trial and error to use correctly.

GetFLV works with all major video-hosting sites, including YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. It can also download videos from streaming sites like Hulu, CBS and the BBC’s iPlayer. In short, you’d be hard-pressed to find a video on the internet GetFLV can’t download.

The only real way to get in touch with technical and customer support is over email – the email address is listed under the support tab on GetFLV’s website. The site has a FAQs section, but it is extremely brief and doesn’t cover any technical aspects of the software beyond how to install it. However, the tour tab gives you step-by-step instructions on how to use all the software’s features. You can find the answers to most questions there.

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The one thing we don’t like about this software is its price. It is the most expensive program we reviewed. You can get a video downloader with the same features as GetFLV for half that price.

GetFLV is a decent video downloader software. In addition to downloading videos from virtually any source, it can convert and optimize your video files. Its more advanced options may initially prove challenging for novices, but downloading and converting videos is as easy as browsing the internet. GetFLV’s main flaw is its price – you can find a much better deal elsewhere.