Hamilton Beach The Scoop review

Hamilton Beach The Scoop review

 Hamilton Beach The Scoop: What is it?

The Scoop is a single-serve coffee maker from Hamilton Beach. It boasts one of the simplest designs and uses ground coffee rather than pods. It’s speedy and it gives you many of the benefits of the more expensive models out there. 

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 Hamilton Beach The Scoop: Design and features 

Flavor is everything with coffee, and while many single-cup coffee makers use a prepackaged shot of coffee either in a pod or a plastic K-Cup, The Scoop single-serve coffee maker has gone the opposite direction and offers a surprisingly versatile and economic alternative – a steel mesh scoop to filter regular coffee grounds. This ensures you save on coffee, as you can simply grind your own or use the large number of prepackaged ground coffees on the market. 

In addition, it’s relatively easy to adjust the strength from regular to what the company calls “bold” for stronger flavors. It does this by ensuring the water is in contact with the coffee for longer. Plus, you don’t have to worry about overfilling The Scoop single-serve coffee maker as there are two sets of clearly marked measuring lines.

This coffee maker is fairly speedy, and it produces a coffee in around 90 seconds, provided you choose the 8-ounce option. If you choose one of the bigger cup sizes, it only takes a little longer, as the water has to be in contact with the coffee for longer.

The tank size is perhaps the only letdown. It only holds 14 ounces, so you’ll have to refill this single-cup coffee maker each time you make a cup. That said, if you’re only using it once a day, it’s no different than refilling a tea kettle each morning, and water should be refreshed daily anyway.

Ease of cleaning is one of the foremost considerations for a coffee maker, and the removable drip tray makes cleanup simple. The filter is washable in the dishwasher, although we recommend you rinse it first to remove the coffee grinds as these do not dissolve. Because of the way it works, it should be cleaned after each use to remove lingering flavors.

 Should you buy Hamilton Beach The Scoop? 

The Scoop single-serve coffee maker from Hamilton Beach has a clear market: It’s a no-fuss alternative to other coffee makers out there, and it’s fairly inexpensive to run. If you’re looking for a nice cup of coffee without the frills, it’s a great choice. 

It doesn’t quite offer the same cleaning convenience compared to other single-cup coffee makers, but you get a good number of features for the price.