SpamSubtract Pro 1.8 Review

SpamSubtract Pro 1.8 Review

Editor’s Note: This product has been discontinued and removed from our lineup because it is no longer available. You can see our current lineup of the Best Spam Filters here.

SpamSubtract Pro is a fair product that runs separately from your email client and requires the user to manually select approved emails from the start. SpamSubstract does not begin to filter unwanted spam right out of the box like its competitors. You must check each incoming message and either add it to your approved senders list or delete it.

The features included in SpamSubtract Pro are limited; they do however include the ability to schedule auto-deletions of emails that contain ADV: or ADLT in its subject fields. It will also block emails that are contained in your blacklist.

SpamSubtract Pro runs like a POP3 mail proxy seperate from your email client, detecting Spam messages before they enter your inbox. After viewing the quarantined messages you can release the message to your inbox, delete the message, or whitelist the user.

SpamSubtract is one of the few packages that will automatically detect your existing email clients without having to manually set each one up individually.

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There were occasions when SpamSubtract Pro failed to work properly.

Overall, SpamSubtract Pro is an fair Spam filtering product and one of the few available that automatically incorporates your existing email address and populates your friends list with your existing contact list. If you don’t mind putting extra work into setting up your filtering options, this package might work for you.