XNSPY Premium Review

XNSPY Premium Review

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XNSPY collects a lot of information about what your child does on their cell phone. Through the online parent portal, you can view the reports this cell phone parental control software creates about which apps your child uses and the photos they take with and save to their cell phone as well as their call history, text messages, contact list and calendar entries. It also tracks messages sent through chat apps, such as Tinder, Skype and Facebook Messenger, and records phone calls so you can listen to them later. From the online dashboard, you can block specific contacts to keep your child from calling, texting or chatting with unsavory people.

Using the GPS system in your child’s mobile device, XNSPY lets you track your child so you always know where they are. This tool is also handy if your child’s cell phone gets lost or stolen. Further, this mobile phone monitoring app lets you control your child’s phone remotely – you can shut it down and adjust settings, even when you don’t have physical access to the device. You can also snap screenshots of the content currently on your child’s screen to see exactly what they are viewing.

XNSPY alerts you when specific words and phrases appear in your child’s sent and received text messages, emails and chat messages as well as in browser searches to help you protect them from abuse and inappropriate content. Some of these phrases include “don’t tell,” “home alone” and “give me your phone number.” The app also notifies you if they swap out the phone’s SIM card.

You must purchase a separate license for each device you want to monitor with XNSPY. This program is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and you can track and view reports for multiple phones from a single parent dashboard.

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XNSPY is missing an important feature: time controls. As such, you can’t block internet access on your child’s phone during specific times of the day or limit how long they can be online. While time controls are more commonly found in computer parental control software, there are cell phone monitoring programs, including Qustodio , Mobicip and WebWatcher , that have them for cell phones and tablets.

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